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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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make to raise awareness about heart disease. good's a clear... but cold start to your morning. morning.9 first warning meterologist jennfer ketchmark has a look out the door... it's a frosty start to our morning with temps near 20. skies will be clear for the first half of the day, turning partly cloudy this afternoon. our high improves to 41. temperatures warm through the weekend. saturday's high reaches 45, sunday at 49. enjoy the dry, partly cloudy and warmer weekend! a young girl... recovering this morning after being hit in a crosswalk.the driver of that car is waking up in jail... after trying to drive away.'s video you'll only see on nine on your side. nine
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video... and how people tried to help the girl. glenway avenue gets busy in west price has just let out.from a security camera down the street you can see a small group of kids step into the the white car at the top right of your screen.seconds later - one child is thrown onto winfield avenue. amy loechel/witness didn't have shoes on, she was knocked out of her shoes.amy loechel watched from across stood here and i just had tears in my eyes, like wow this just blew me this video - you see people run to help.loechel says the girl's family came quickly.loechel 062911 her mom was screaming, trying to get her attention to move and it wasn't happening. ruby estepp was cited for leaving the scene and driving under suspension.she's in jail - arrested for outstanding warrants.nats 062131 yeah i
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camera footage to former west price hill community council president joe hirth.evan 062352 do you feel like this is a particularly dangerous spot in west price hill? joe hirth/west price hill community council - yeah i do think it is. carson school is right here and sunset avenue is kind of offset and winfield comes in and there's a lot of traffic and a lot of different turns and things going on all at the same times.hirth tells nine on your side this stretch is one for price hill leaders to study.nats?amy loechel and her husband have some ideas for them.a. lochel 063104 they need to put flashing lights on the crosswalk thing.(covered) charles loechel/resident 063003 nobody will stop for nobody here. the war of words continues this morning between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. both candidates continued jabbing each other on twitter... after last night's heated debate.they sparred
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street... and which one is the *true* progressive. (bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "instead of arguing about definitions, let's talk about what we should do."(hillary clinton/ (d) presidential yesterday with your comments," clinton accused sanders of smearing her progressive credentials.but sanders didn't back down and fired back at her ties to wall street... something from which she tried to distance herself. (bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street or special interests.(hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "i have a record, i have stood firm and i will be the person who prevents them from ever wrecking the economy again." again."however... both found common ground on expanding the affordable care act and federal intervention to fix the flint water crisis. 9 on your side teamed up with politifact, one of the most respected fact checking groups in the nation the candidate's remarks ... and hold them accountable for what they are telling you. debate moderators took some
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take on trade... specifically on the trans-pacific partnership trade agreement. here's what she said about it. "i said that i was holding out that hope that it (tpp) would be the kind of trade agreement that i was looking for. i waited until it had actually been negotiated ... once i saw what the outcome was, i opposed it." it." the poltifact team digging for the facts found this to be *half true*.as secretary of state and a member of the obama administration... it was clinton's job to promote the deal, even if it wasn't finalized...and she australia back in 2012... clinton hailed the deal "setting the gold standard." and in singapore... in november of 2012 -- she said it would "lower barriers, raise standards, and drive long-term growth."those comments - so positive and definitive - it's tough to agree she didn't endorse the deal before it was finalized. leading the fact-checkers at politifact to call it only
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our politifact team spent the overnight hours... taking a closer look at more of the comments by clinton and can get at their truth ratings for yourself on our website... w-c-p-o dot com... and our mobile 9 on your side app. it's the republican's turn... as they return to the debate stage tomorrow. tomorrow.the next republican presidential debate is saturday.a-b-c world news tonight anchor david muir and chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz will can watch it here on nine on your side... starting at eight o-clock. tri-state children will have a reason to smile this morning... thanks to a pair of cincinnati dentists. dentists.lifetime smiles on north bend road and springdale dental center on springfield pike are both offering free dental work to's part of the give kids a smile program... aimed at helping children who don't have any
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lifetime smiles will be offering the service from eight a-m until 2 p-m... and the springdale dental center is open from noon until five. they'll provide free exams... cleaning and's important to note... it's appointment only, so make sure you call ahead of time. if you still haven't picked out your wardrobe this morning... why not add a little red to your day. is national wear red's sponsored here in cincinnati by the christ hospital... to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke in women.heart disease is the number one killer of women in the u-s.all babies born at the christ hospital this month will also get a handmade knit cap in support of go red for women. zika warning expands...the major u-s city under a health emergency... and what's being done to fight the bite. happy reunion...a retired ohio police officer and his partner are back together again.what it took to make it happen. it's a frosty start to our morning with temps near 20. skies will be clear for the
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partly cloudy this afternoon. our high improves to 41. temperatures warm through the weekend. saturday's high reaches 45, sunday at 49. enjoy the dry, partly cloudy and warmer weekend!
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into work later this morning... columbia parkway will be closed in both directions between baines street and torrance parkway... starting at's so crews can remove a small mudslide that's blocking two westbound lanes. the city hasn't said when the lanes will re-open. the growing number of zika virus cases here in the u-s has officials in florida declaring a state of emergency. florida governor rick scott says the state has three new cases of the mosquito-borne disease.five counties have been added to his health emergency declaration... include miami-dade.scott says the state is preparing like it would for a hurricane... but wants residents and tourists to know florida is safe.
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12-point-seven million people have signed up for the affordable care act.that's right in the middle of the administration's projection through healthcare-dot-gov and state-run counterparts.that number is lower that hoped... due to rising premiums. republicans are still vowing to repeal "obamacare." a recently retired ohio police officer will get to keep his k-9 partner after's a story we first told you about earlier this week. marietta police officer matthew hickey tried to pay for his k-9 officer "ajax"... who is also being retired from the force.the city said ajax is city property... worth 35- hundred dollars.but after a large outcry on social media... the city changed its tune and sold ajax to hickey for just one-dollar.hickey says he's -quote- "speechless and very grateful" that he
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accused of sexual abuse...the new details we're learning about a tri-state pastor and his *other* connection to local children getting ready for some football...the super bowl... less than 48 hours away.why it's going to be a busy weekend for workers at one of the world's largest beermakers. it's a frosty start to our morning with temps near 20. skies will be clear for the first half of the day, turning partly cloudy this afternoon. our high improves to 41. temperatures warm through the weekend. saturday's high reaches 45, sunday at 49. enjoy the dry, partly cloudy
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" 9 on your side has learned a youth pastor... charged with raping a child... was *also* a volunteer at a tri-state school. school.and this morning... the school is breaking its silence about joseph niemeyer's interaction with its students. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us with the statement
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here. accused of sexual abuse... rape and sodomy. his alleged victim -- led prayers, he read scriptures"for 3 years -- every wednesday--kenton county district spokeswoman 'jess dykes' says 'joseph niemeyer' volunteered with the 'fellowship of christian athletes' club at 'twenhofel middle school' "he wasn't alone with those students -- so that we have some peace in mind in that -- because we dont allow our volunteers to be alone -- there's always multiple adults"niemeyer mainly served as a youth ministry leader at 'new banklick baptist church.' senior pastor tim cochran tells us the 54-year-old confessed to him about inappropriately touching a girl."his choice was either you can go tell for yourself or im going to tell for you" still -- kenton county
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sanders says this is far from stop the investigation until we've made sure that we've uncovered any other victims that are out there" both officials say background checks were conducted-- describing this as a tragic situation "we are definitely following up with those students and any concerns they might have because they've seen it on the news and they know him" the father of two-year old kinsley kenner says he's *not* the father of his estranged wife's newborn.kinsley's dad... scott senft... tweeted that out last night.he had been fighting for custody of the child... who was delivered by rebekah kinner just a few days ago.kinner and her boyfriend are both charged in kinsley's death. a b-m-x pioneer and one of the most decorated athletes in x
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appearant suicide. suicide.police in greenville, north carolina found the body of dave mirra.mirra had 24 career medals in the x games. he also hosted m-t-v's "real world road rules challenge" and two video games carried his name.he was 41. super bowl sunday is just two days away...and not only will it be one of the most watched events of the year...but it's also one of the biggest days for alcohol sales. sales.and budweiser is once again expected to be the beer. the company says its delivery drivers will be working overtime this's also the beer of choice at levi's stadium... where the broncos and panthers will square off sunday.despite the packaging and promotion... the company says sales of budweiser and bud light actually dropped in 2015. time is running out to make your plans for super bowl
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the 9 best sports bars... perfect for watching the big game.from food to t-v's... check out the tri-state's bars and how they rank by logging onto wcpo-dot-com. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. with clear skies, it's a cold start with temperatures dropping to near 20 this morning. if your car is parked outside, expect frost.
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become more mild as we being a warming trend that's just ahead of a chance for snow next week. plenty of sunshine will be around for the morning, with a few afternoon clouds moving in later. afternoon temperatures should bounce back to more seasonal levels in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend, and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature -- 460f on saturday and 490f for a high on sunday. at times, we will see mostly cloudy skies as a couple of minor weather systems slide through the area. but in general, it's shaping up to be a nice weekend. a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in, and it supports light snow by tuesday and wednesday. we are tracking the system now. while it's too early to put exact numbers on the snow, it appears that light
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traffic ghost story... all too real to some cabbies.the destination these ghostly passengers are trying to get to... and how it's connected to a japanese disaster. message from the past?what some conspiracy theorists say this ancient greek sculpture
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it's a frosty start to our morning with temps near 20. skies will be clear for the first half of the day, turning
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our high improves to 41. temperatures warm through the weekend. saturday's high reaches 45, sunday at 49. enjoy the dry, partly cloudy and warmer weekend! happening today... the tri- state will remember the life of our ninth president. president.a ceremony will be held in just a few hours at the tomb of william henry harrison in north bend.the wreath... sent here from the white house... will help celebrate harrison's birthday. harrison is perhaps the unluckiest president in american history... spending just 32 days in office before dying of pneumonia. new this morning... we're learning about a bizarre phenomenon in japan...
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earthquake and tsunami in 2011. 2011.a group of taxi drivers in northeast japan have come forward... saying they've picked up passengers who ask to go to areas ravaged by the tsunami... and then suddenly one case... a passenger asked the cabbie -quote- "have i died?"the spooky reports were compiled as part of a university project. a ghost may be to blame for this driverless can see it barreling down an empty parking lot in iowa... crashing into a wall.. and doing donuts.the a-t-v owners were able to finally gain control again after a failed back flip. "i saw the video two weeks later and i said holy toledo thats a good view, that other camera doesn't show it in such good views!" views!" luckily... no one was hurt by the runaway a-t-v.but there's still no word on what caused the vehicle to suddenly spring
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you'll probably see this story online today... it's going viral on's an unusual image... engraved on an ancient greek statue. statue.take a can see the girl on the left... holding what appears to be a laptop computer.there are even holes... which some conspiracy theorists say looks suspiciously like u-s-b ports. but experts say the laptop is *actually* a wax tablet used for writing in ancient times. whether you're a morning person - or a night owl may really be in your d-n-a. d-n-a.a study published in "nature communications" found early birds share similar genes.night owls also share interesting part of the study... morning people were
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night owls fib in the morning. a lesson in finance...not for students... but administrators at northern kentucky university.the good news... and bad news... coming to the classroom. n-f-l equality.the bengals and 31 other teams... told to make some changes.who they'll now be interviewing... and why
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"millions of americans are giving up on the political process.. and they're giving up on the political process because they understand the econmy is rigged. the democratic debate got heated...but 9 is on your side checking facts versus opinions. a live look outside this's friday...febuar y 5th...and you're watching
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